Fujita Electric Works | Optical component


We also meet the needs of outsourcing

We can do one-stop from design and development to prototyping, evaluation, mass production, and parts procurement. We not only provide actuator parts but also meet the needs of customers who want to entrust us with the manufacturing of subsequent processes.
We have experienced development and design teams and necessary infrastructure, so we can respond to your problems quickly.
Since we have our own equipment such as machining center, molding machine, 3D printer, electric discharge machine, and laser processing machine, We can meet the request of trial production from one piece in a short delivery time in a form that saves cost without making a mold.
We provide EMS services including parts procurement by ourselves to major manufacturers customers, and we are proud of the strength of our procurement know-how accumulated in this process. Global procurement from parts to molds is possible.
We have precision assembly know-how accumulated over many years and multiple manufacturing bases in Japan and overseas, and we will provide services that meet customer needs from small numbers to mass production. We also have a clean room, so we can meet the needs of product assembly that requires high cleanliness.
All to part of your value chain process
We offer customized services to meet each customer's needs.